Family Pictures

Nowadays, most of our family pictures look something like this:


Do you know how hard it is to get four people to take a good picture? SO hard!

Anyway, I’d really been wanting some nice family pictures to capture us in this phase of our lives. The days go by so quickly and before you know it, your newborn is 2-years-old and suddenly you have two kids. How did that happen so fast?

We enlisted the help of my husband’s sweet Aunt Valerie, who happens to be a talented professional photographer. She took us to a beautiful park in LA for our first official attempt at family pictures.

Kids are cute, just not easy to direct. It was a little sunny for Belly and getting her to look up was especially tricky. On top of that, we were dangerously close to Goose’s lunchtime so she was not the most cooperative. I don’t know how people get great pictures of small children, but Aunt Valerie did!

(Have you read my advice about family outings? Definitely applies to photo shoots! Ha!)

Just for fun, here are a few of our favorite outtakes:

They were not at all excited about the sun.

Sister talk
Kissies for the sissies!
Totally over it.

And in case you missed them plastered all over this blog, here are my favorites:

Another BIG thanks to Aunt Valerie! We love our pictures and can’t wait for another photo shoot!

If you live in Southern California and need a photographer, just email me and I will happily get you connected!

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