5 Pieces of the Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Parenting


When you become a parent, everyone is eager to offer their opinion on everything related to your children. From feeding to sleeping and playing to disciplining, it becomes difficult to filter out what’s useful for you (and what isn’t). Erica from Inner Parents is here to share 5 pieces of the worst advice you’ll hear as a parent.

Rubbing Whiskey on Sore Gums

Firstly, no small children, much less babies, should be consuming alcohol products. A mere teaspoon of liquor may be nothing to an adult, but it is enough to poison an infant. Secondly, the old wives’ tale that rubbing whiskey on a teething baby’s gums will cause a numbing effect has been found to be untrue. A better alternative would be to use a teething necklace or a numbing agent that is designed specifically for the safe usage on an infant.

The Cry it Out Method

Infants under six months of age have not yet discovered the concept of cause and effect. When a baby this young cries, it is for a reason. They are trying to communicate in the only way they know how that they need something whether it be a diaper change, a nap, or simply some skin on skin cuddle time.

Giving Praise for Things Done Incorrectly

While it is good to positively encourage your child for their efforts, it can quickly become a hindrance for their learning progression if done inappropriately. When praise and congratulations are given to a child who is doing a task incorrectly, the child will interpret this to mean they are doing it right. They will not see the need to put extra effort into correctly learning the task because they will think that what they are doing is good enough.

Biting Back a Habitual Biter

It can be painful to take a nip from your little one, and no parent wants to hear their kid is the biter of the class. However, biting an infant or toddler back is strongly advised against and not just because of the physical damage it may cause them. The child may not realize they are being bit back as a repercussion to their actions and may continue on with the offending behavior. While disciplinary action should be taken in response to the biting, it should not be a violent act that causes possible injury to the child.

Avoid Disciplining Small Children

Discipline is an important tool used in child development. It helps to establish structure and enforce important boundaries. There is a vast difference between abuse and punishment. Punishment is used when a child knowingly violates a set rule. A punishment is never physically, mentally, or emotionally violent or extreme in nature. Abuse, however, is a violent or extreme act that is inflicted upon another without cause. Without discipline, a child will typically not respect the rules set for them by parents or teachers.

Erica Johnson is the Main Editor for Inner Parents and a very proud mother of two who’s passionate about the latest parenting tips & baby products.

Huge thank you to Erica! Is there anything else you would add to her list?


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22 thoughts on “5 Pieces of the Worst Advice We’ve Heard For Parenting

    1. You’re a stronger mommy than me! I actually did try it with my first and I just wasn’t comfortable. But I do know a few families who have had success getting their kids to sleep that way.

  1. Biting back?! OMG NO! I tried spanking my son when he was little and he turned around and hit me twice as hard back, over and over, he started doing it to kids out of frustration at play groups too. Biting them back? NOPE. Definitely no for the cry it out method at our house too..

    1. It’s so funny because I’m positive that parents bit back and spanked when we were children, but somewhere our parenting philosophies altered. It makes me wonder what our kids will reflect on when they’re adults.

  2. I can’t tell you how much I also hate the cry it out method. Some babies just don’t understand it and it’s a very sentimental time for them since they just came from the womb and you want to train them to sleep alone?! Uhh hello they have been within you for 9+Months (if you were overdue) you can’t just separate yourself from them, they need you!

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