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Daddy and Baby Bonding Time: 5 Easy Ideas

Hey Dads! This one is for you! It’s important to establish a bond with your child as early as possible. Here are 5 easy ideas for daddy and baby bonding time:

1. Skin-to-Skin Time

Here’s how this works, Dads: Remove your shirt. Dress baby in diaper only. Place baby on your chest. Cover baby’s back with a blanket if it’s cold.

That’s it!

You can start skin-to-skin time as soon as a doctor or nurse gives you the green light. In a lot of cases, this is minutes after baby is born. There are so many health benefits to skin-to-skin time in baby’s first months, but it’s also a great way to kick off daddy and baby bonding time.

2. Wear Your Baby

Tula, Moby, Boba, Ergo, Bjorn. These names ring a bell? No?!? They are just a few of the hundreds of options available for baby carriers.

Ask around, try some on, and find the carrier that is most comfortable for you. You can wear your baby pretty much anywhere you go and it’s the perfect opportunity to stay in close contact.


3. Bottle Feed

Babies learn to connect with the hand (or boob) that feeds them. When you bottle feed your baby, she will begin to recognize you as someone who fulfills one of her most basic needs.

So if your baby is formula fed, that makes bottle feeding easy. If your baby is exclusively breastfed, ask mama if she minds pumping bottles every now and then so that you can feed baby, too!

4. Read and Sing

Basically, just let baby hear your voice. You’ll be promoting vocabulary and communication skills while baby cuddles and learns your intonations and mannerisms. The more animated and silly you are, the better!

5. Get Your Hands Dirty

Nothing says “I love you” like changing a poopy diaper. Or better yet, cleaning an epic blowout. Don’t be afraid to jump in there and do the dirty work. Whenever you get the chance, change and bathe your baby for the ultimate bonding experience.

You can do it!

Small babies mostly need to be comforted and stimulated by someone they trust. The sooner a relationship develops, the more attached your baby will become to you (and the less dependent on mommy for every tiny thing). Spending time with your baby doesn’t have to be complicated. Try these easy ideas for daddy and baby bonding time!

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daddy and baby bonding time

14 thoughts on “Daddy and Baby Bonding Time: 5 Easy Ideas

  1. Love these ideas! My kids are a little older but I also have my husband runs errands with either one or both kids with him. He loves chatting with them in the car or at the stores.

    1. Thanks! I love when he takes the kids on errands 😉 But just talking to your kids is the best way to grow closer, especially as they get older!

  2. This is a super simple list for dads that are feeling a little nervous. I would love to see a follow up for dads that are already doing these things, but now what to step up their game and bond in ways that mommy and baby aren’t.

    1. The really cool thing that I found was this list was awesome for getting my husband acclimated to fatherhood. But then he became so empowered and confident that he found new ways to hang out with our daughters by himself1

  3. These are great 🙂 I know it’s always been hard for my husband to connect when they were teeny tiny – our last two refused to bottle feed, so that didn’t help either! And bonus points to all the baby wearing dads – I love to see that!

    1. Thank you! I think it’s hard for a lot of dads. They just don’t know where to start so I hope this lists shows them that bonding time can consist of simple activities.

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